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  • 26.03.2015 04:32:49 from Facebook: ...but to more pressing matters, tomorrow's Pure Trance yacht party is almost upon us and I really don't want any trance lovers in Miami to miss this! Djs are myself, Giuseppe Ottaviani and Simon Patterson all organised by our friends at Esscala and Mystery Sounds [more]
  • 26.03.2015 04:23:40 from Facebook: Really looking forward to this show in Houston, Electric Friday's has a great reputation and I get a lot of messages from trance fans there asking when I'm going to visit... April 10th is the answer :) [more]
  • 26.03.2015 12:41:51 from Facebook: Coming soon :) [more]
  • 26.03.2015 07:21:16 from Facebook: Having woken up at 05.30 (thanks jet lag) all is peaceful in the Miami apartment this morning. Giuseppe Ottaviani is making music (as usual) Sied van Riel is tweeting and I'm having my Anne Rice fix :) [more]
  • 25.03.2015 04:19:49 from Facebook: On our way to Miami :) [more]
  • 25.03.2015 01:54:30 from Facebook: Really looking forward to be playing at Ultra Music Festival in Miami next Saturday! [more]
  • 23.03.2015 02:58:30 from Facebook: My next UK gig will be on Good Friday April 3rd for GOODGREEF in Bristol - playing alongside Paul Van Dyk, Simon Patterson + many more. [more]
  • 23.03.2015 07:19:33 from Facebook: Thunder in Sentosa, Singapore. Holy Mother of Crackers! [more]
  • 22.03.2015 12:12:01 from Facebook: Thanks Sentosa Vibe Beach Fest for the great... Vibes :) [more]
  • 21.03.2015 02:42:07 from Facebook: Made it to Sentosa, Singapore - see you guys tonight at Vibe Beach Fest! [more]
  • 31.12.1969 05:00:00 from Twitter: [more]


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Silvermine - Flying (Solarstone Pure Mix)

Silvermine are South African producer Chris Querido and California-based vocalist, Betsie Larkin. While we're all familiar with Betsie's solo EDM outings, Silvermine is an altogether different project that fuses Querido's multi-instrumental abilities, intricate production skills and love of New Wave with Betsie's evocative lyrics and indie-rock spirit. Their collaboration across the web - a veritable bridge of souls from the United States to Cape Town - resulted in 'Flying'.

Solarstone's 'Pure Mix' was one of the highlights of the critically acclaimed 'Pure Trance Vol. III' compilation and was recorded after Richard fell in love with this previously unreleased song after hearing it courtesy of Betsie. Handling the original stems with care, Solarstone built upon the foundation of Querido's beautiful musical elements with his signature 'Pure Trance' sound, resulting in a lush backdrop for Larkin's plaintive love song. Now, the full-length version of Solarstone's remix is now available for the first time.

Out now as Beatport Exclusive on Pure Trance Recordings.

Solarstone - Nothing But Chemistry Here

For his first single action of 2015, Solarstone delivers the long entreated release of one of last year’s set mainstays. Debuted in its Original form alongside previous single smash ‘Slowmotion III’ on the third ‘Electronic Architecture’ album, ‘Nothing But Chemistry Here’ is now ready to drop science.

To do the track full justice, Solarstone has himself expanded it up & out, into a near 9-minute-long Extended journey. Flanking his mix are reworks from audio alchemists Sean Tyas and Gai Barone, who bring their own inimitable styles of chemistry to ‘Nothing’s sound compound.


Solarstone’s Extended version takes the lusciously brooding landscape of his Original vision and fleshes it out into a long-dark-tunnel of a mix. The portentous title line, vibrant low-end LFO and ultra-atmospheric FX are come hinged around its transcendentally tinged female vocal hook.

Pulling out all the stops, Italy’s Gai Barone delivers a deliciously slow patrol through the clandestine nether regions of Pure Trance, as his version draws you deeper down into ‘Chemistry’s sonic crevasse.

Sean Tyas’ mix meanwhile takes ‘Nothing’ from pole to stylistic pole. He accelerates its tempo to peak-time speed and ramps ‘Chemistry’s pH up to near hazardous levels of acidizing 303.

Music brilliantly produced right across trance’s elemental scale, be it deep, driving or out-&-out tough, ‘Chemistry’ will spark your 2015 up the right way!


01: Solarstone – Nothing But Chemistry Here (Extended Mix)
02: Solarstone – Nothing But Chemistry Here (Gai Barone Remix)
03: Solarstone – Nothing But Chemistry Here (Sean Tyas Remix)

Out on February 2nd on all download portals. The Sean Tyas remix is available now as Beatport Exclusive

Solarstone presents Pure Trance Vol. 3: Mixed by Solarstone + Bryan Kearney

Ah, October!! Once that rubbishy no-mans-land wedged between summer’s last surge and the build-up to the festive season… Now though, for electronic music lovers, you’re hard-pressed to pick a livelier month, with 31 days of music convention/festival thrills and DJ/music poll reveals. And, come the end of the month, to cap it all off, there’s the annual ‘state-of-the-Pure-Trance-union’ mix-comp ‘address’!  

Pure Trance’s has again been a rolling boulder of momentum over the last 12 months, with evermore DJs heeding the call of the PURE! The press have been kind.... MIXMAG magazine called the first compilation “highly impressive” and its second “a huge step up again”. Last month, in a key feature, DJ Mag UK cited Pure Trance as a major catalyser in “trance staging a major comeback”. The fans have been kinder yet, flocking to Pure Trance events at WMC in Miami, ADE in Amsterdam, Ibiza and dozens of other electronic music metropolises around the globe.  

Pure Trance Vol. 3

Now, in its third year, the evermore-established origin-trance series marshals–up for its regular end-of-Oct release spot. Following co-mix tenures by Orkidea, and last year Giuseppe Ottaviani, in 2014 it’s younger-gun Bryan Kearney who joins Solarstone at the controls. In the search of the P.T. chosen, they’ve forensically slid 1000s of tracks under the Pure microscope, finally identifying 37 of the most exclusive uncorrupted and virtuous trance tracks out there. Big name productions passing the clarity check include music from the desks of Aly & Fila, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Thrillseekers, Sied van Riel, John O’Callaghan, Arctic Moon and Ferry Tayle, as well as much from Solarstone & Bryan themselves. As is Pure Trance covenant, the album is as much about the ‘future-perfect’ producers as it is ’present day’ legends. In that, it brings music from dozens of nu-bloods: Sneijder, Will Atkinson, Adam Ellis, Standerwick, The Noble Six and Liam Wilson among them.  

Puritans, your deliverance from the derivative is once again nigh! ‘Pure Trance Vol. 3’ enters the arena October 27th.

Pre-order Pure Trance 3 Here:

Signed Pure Trance 3 CD Pre-order here:

 So what’s inside the third box, we hear you ask!? Well in short: masses, but more specifically, leading the mix-charge is Pure’s conceptador himself, Solarstone. Early in, he mixes up his Retouches of tracks by Liam Wilson’ and Artur (‘Set In Stone’ and ‘Rays’ respectively) with Pure Mix variations of ‘Flying’ from Silvermine and Gai Barone’s ‘Mr. Slade’. There are also outstanding sonic crossbreeds, with Winkee’s ‘Assassin’ kinetically encountering Solarstone’s ‘Dark Heart’, and further in Alex M.O.R.P.H.’s more ‘Sacred’ variety brilliantly interplayed with Sied van Riel’s ‘Gravity’. There are nods to Pure’s lineage too, with a highly respectful after-touch of Jam & Spoon’s ‘Odyssey To Anyoona’ (recently cited by both Solarstone & Armin in the UK’s DJ Mag as 1 of the 10 most important trancers of all time!) and Z2/Neptune Project’s rework of Oliver ‘Ecano’ Lieb’s immortal ‘Run’. With plenty more abound from production hounds like Thrillseekers, Driftmoon, Orkidea and Adam Ellis, the mix runs hot from first beat to last!   

On a Purely personal note, Solarstone says: “The year since Vol. 2 has been
 a fabulous twelve months not just for the Pure Trance movement, but for the Trance scene on the whole. Bryan and I have dug deep into the record boxes and demo banks, searching for those glimmers & sparks of musical inspiration from both established and previously unknown artists, to bring you an emotive ride through the many shades of the Pure Trance sound.If you have attended any
 of our Pure Trance events, you will understand exactly the journey upon which this album will take you. If
 you have not yet had that pleasure, simply close your eyes, take a deep breath, and immerse yourself in this tapestry of melodies, grooves & emotions”.  

An origin-trance dedicate, over the last three years Bryan Kearney’s DJing, together with his Kearnage imprint have propelled him to the forefront of the scene. Brilliantly distilling the sub-genre to absolute purification, his mixes play trancers from neophytes like The Noble Six, Chris Metcalfe, Alex Di Stefano and Will Atkinson off against those of more seasoned operators. The mix’s midsection it heavy with known-names, as John O’Callghan’s ‘The Saw’, Aly & Fila vs. Sneijder’s ‘Full Throttle’ (and ‘Nubia’ with Ferry Tayle) and Arctic Moon’s ‘Revolution’ all come under his laser. Its climax brings Adam Ellis’ remix of Fred Baker’s roots return tune ‘Rebirth’ and Bryan’s own, just-finished mix of the title track from US alt-rock vocalist Plumb’s ‘Need You Now’.  

By way of introduction, Bryan says:My mix is a representation of what I consider trance to be, versatile, energetic with power and passion. You will get a glimpse of the future of my own label Kearnage with nine tracks produced especially for this album.
 I have to once again say thank you to all the producers for providing me with such high quality music. It made the process of compiling this mix so much easier”.  

STOP PRESS: Catch Pure Trance LIVE! Over the last 3 years Solarstone presents Pure Trance’s event concept has visited in excess of 40 electronic music capitals around the world. To celebrate the release of album strike #3, Solarstone, accompanied by Aly & Fila, Giuseppe Ottaviani (Live), Orkidea and Sneijder, will be making a hotly anticipated return to the Dutch capital during ADE week. You can catch them riverside at Hotel Arena, (‘s Graveandestraat 51) for the 2014 ADE edition of Solarstone Presents Pure Trance on October 16th. Fix up dem tix through this link now! :

Solarstone presents Pure Trance Vol. 3 : Mixed by Solarstone + Bryan Kearney

Disc 1 - Mixed by Solarstone

01. Liam Wilson - Set In Stone (Solarstone Retouch)
02. Winkee vs Solarstone - Dark Assassins Heart
03. Simon Templar - To The Stars (Pt. I)
04. Jam & Spoon - Odyssey To Anyoona
05. Silvermine - Flying (Solarstone Pure Mix)
06. Solarstone - Shield (Pt. I)
07. The Thrillseekers - Find You
08. Artur - Rays (Solarstone Retouch)
09. Gai Barone - Mr. Slade (Solarstone Pure Mix)
10. Dan Stone - Kito
11. Driftmoon - Summerstone
12. Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Sacred Heart
13. Sied van Riel featuring Alicia Madison - Gravity (Acapella)
14. Sied van Riel & Standerwick - In A Perfect World (Solarstone Pure Mix)
15. Adam Ellis - Aulus
16. Orkidea - Purity (Sneijder Remix)
17. Ecano - Run (Z2 vs. Neptune Project LSD Mix)

Disc 2 - Mixed by Bryan Kearney

01. Alex Di Stefano - Escape From The Past
02. Mark Leanings - Dropshot (Sam Jones Remix)
03. Will Atkinson - Harvester
04. Sam Jones & Rhys Thomas - The End
05. Mark Leanings - Inverter
06. John O'Callaghan - The Saw
07. Aly & Fila vs Sneijder - Full Throttle (Album Mix)
08. James Rigby - Night Owl
09. Paul Denton - Zonked 
10. E-Clip vs Symbolic - Live Your Life 
11. Arctic Moon featuring Noire Lee - Revolution (James Rigby Remix)
12. Darren Porter - The Oracle 
13. Liam Wilson - Impression
14. The Noble Six vs. Chris Metcalfe - Ocean Avenue
15. Warren Adam - Air Punch
16. Aly & Fila with Ferry Tayle - Nubia (Album Mix)
17. Sam Jones & Will Rees - Oversight
18. Bryan Kearney - The Things We Should Say 
19. Fred Baker - Rebirth (Adam Ellis Remix)
20. Plumb - Need You Now (How Many Times) (Bryan Kearney Remix)

Solarstone - 4Ever (Pure Retouch)

It doesn't get 'purer' than this, Solarstone's majestic '4Ever' is an embodiment the Pure Trance sound; an evocative lead melody, a heart-rending chord progression backed up by incessant, driving production. This 136bpm 'Pure Retouch' has been a mainstay of Solarstone's DJ sets throughout 2014 and features on the critically acclaimed 'Electronic Architecture 3'. Previously available only as an album-cut, after a clamor of requests fans it is now available in all of its eight-and-a-half minute DJ-friendly glory. Timeless..


Solarstone & Orkidea - Slowmotion III

A tradition that’s unofficially linked their last 4 years with a 3-strong arc of ‘Slowmotion’ tracks, each has augured a major new Solarstone or Orkidea release or project. As the first purpose-produced track from his forthcoming, keenly anticipated ‘Electronic Architecture³’compilation, No. ‘III’ in the series is no different. Together the pair deliver another piece of righteously dark, long and supremely strong subterranean-minded trance.

Solarstone & Orkidea are back to strike three for three with the latest in their sequential ‘Slowmotion’ series. The pair’s Original Mix steams from port through coolly undulated bass waves and casually swelled 80s-edged synthesis, tipping a blasé vocal salute to arch synth-masters Yello as it embarks.

Churning those waters ever deeper, female siren-song harmonies heighten its atmosphere, before Richard & Tapio channel the track into the glockenspiel-like orchestral chime of the break. With the tempo’s dial securely locked to trance-progressive, ‘Slowmotion III” proceeds to deliver one laser-lit FX tweak, frisson-filled sequential development and masterfully delivered key change after another.

Putting the capital ‘E’ in ‘Epic’, Orkidea’s version-excursion extends to a full 13 and a ½ minutes of imaginatively produced and complexly arranged electronic music. Into his extended high-on-drama intro, the Fin pours dystopian bass & sporadic drums patterns into long, near filmic synth sequences. Throbbing with an atmospherically brooding menace, Orkidea then engages the 4/4 drums, builds up ‘Slowmotion III’s retro-futuristic female vocals and draws it out, seemingly infinitely, into progressive-house submersion. For his take, Solarstone’s lightens the Original Mix’s netherworld tones by degrees. Increasing the drive shaft behind the production and using a fresh raft of 80s inspired FX, he binds the call of the vocal, the panning shift of the chiming sub-riff and the ethereal sweep of its mainline atmosphere decisively into the mix.

Pure mood-food for those that like to explore the dark underbelly of trance, Slowmotion III is out now


Solarstone - Electronic Architecture³

3 years is a long time in dance music… Time & space can appear to move that much faster still if you’ve spent it crusading the cause of Pure Trance, reclaiming your place as one of the world’s hottest 100 DJs in the process. It’s exactly that interval since Electronic Architecture – Solarstone’s much praised, IDMA-nominated, boundary breaking music-vs-art project - series received its second (or ²Squared) edition. With Pure Trance catalysing club floors globally, Solarstone now picks up the Electronic Architecture story with this, its extraordinary trilogy-completing outing.

The release, now boosted into a triangulation of three mixes, provides the long-awaited bridge back into ‘EA’s standalone dominion. Containing music from returning Architects, it also features many debutante engineers - subjects of the influence of the first two albums audio & imagery. With mix#1’s tone, tempo and technique tracking the first album’s progressive/trance compression, the second finds Solarstone integrating Pure Trance motifs into ‘EA’s sonic ethic. Solarstone is an artist who musically always has something fresh to ‘say’. Underlining that, with its third disc he becomes the first headlining DJ to shine a light on a new, audibly emerging electronic music subculture.


Pre-order here on iTunes

Pre-order a limited edition signed copy in the Solarshop

‘Electronic Architecture³’ features new audio from respected names like 16 Bit Lolitas, Basil O’Glue, Orkidea and – naturally – the man himself. It also includes exclusively made remixes of tracks that were origin influences for the series as well as inspired fold-returns for artists like the immortal Salt Tank. For this edition, alumni names from the first two releases are also back on EA’s campus. In the mix comes brand new music from returnee Architects inc. Nick Stoynoff, Konektiv, Alucard, and the album also mix-exhibits work from a completely new class of sound shapers & designers. Accept no gimmicks, contrivances or devices; this music is pure of essence, sound of mind and again ready to redesign dance music’s skyline.

On the creation of EA, Solarstone said “To tapestrate the deep & immersive sounds of Disc 1, the melodic Pure energy of Disc 2 & the slow-motion soundscapes of Disc 3 was a true labour of love for me. Commissioning bespoke edits from the artists themselves and my own reconstructions in a combined endeavour to create a fluid, multi-layered mix resulted in this 3rd volume of Electronic Architecture; so spend some time getting to know & love these inspired tracks, reconstructions & transitions.

#Mix1 picks up precisely where the '²Squared’ edition left off. Harmonically mixing with an unprecedented seamlessness, Richard lays down its foundations. Tracking trance & progressive’s endlessly enthralling margin, the epic ‘Beat Organ’ from 16 Bit Lolitas’ and Soarsweep’s melodic ‘Thistle’ collectively presage the latest from Basil O’Glue. Possibly one of the ‘EA’ school’s most notable ‘graduates’, he wows with the astronomically minded sonics of ‘Seven Sages’. To the mix Solarstone & Orkidea then deliver the third in their sub-series of ‘Slowmotion’ releases, which dovetails into Guy J deep, relentless rework of Ambassador ’99 classic ‘The Fade’. Bringing the disc to a head, ‘Monoposto’ from Mexico’s Konektiv and Gai Barone’s ‘Metal Jaws’ bookend Solarstone’s steel-strong EA-exclusive ‘Nothing But Chemistry Here’.   

With ‘EA³’ foundation bedrock well in position, #Mix2 sends the sound vertical, developing the release’s geometric superstructure. Dawning with the incredible ‘EA³’ Reconstruction of Forerunners’ 2007 ‘Lifecycle’, its opening minutes also deliver Allende’s much-sought remix of Salt Tank’s hiatus-ending ‘Phoenix’. With Pure Trance running through its veins, the mix’s arteries are on fire with tracks like The Thrillseekers upcoming ‘This Is All We Have’, the distorted blaze of Eco’s ‘One Day’, the deliciously moody contrast of Orkidea’s ‘Purity’ and Solarstone’s own Retouch mix of summer-burst ‘4Ever’.

#Mix3 brings something completely new to the ‘EA’s DNA, showcasing trance & progressive music currently being cultivated by a small but dedicated label/studio axis. It’s the Electronic Architecture sound-spectra you know, but at tempos never previously recorded. Bringing the final shapes, shards and sounds to ‘EA³’, the mix includes album-exclusive reworks of many of the its crop, inc. O'Glue’s ‘Seven Sages’, Barone’s ‘Metal Jaws’, Rischaad’s ‘Razorbeam’ and others. It also features ‘Awakening’ from Winkee (one of the subculture’s early propagators), the oceanic dive of Alexey Muravyev’s ‘Evening Surf’ and ‘Dedication, Loyalty’ from modern-classical composer Nils Frahm. Drums, bass, synths all remain, but at 100bpm tempos, bringing the tracks fresh dimensions and envisioning an entirely new meet-point between ambient & trance.

Triangulating three different sides of Electronic Architecture into one extraordinary mix-comp, Solarstone delivers the series’ third masterpiece. The corridors of sounds will never be quite the same again. ‘Electronic Architecture³’ is unveiled July 7.  

Solarstone ‘Electronic Architecture³’

Disc 1:

01. Daniel Avery - Platform Zero (EA3 Edit)
02. Soarsweep - Thistle (EA3 Reconstruction)
03. Mistol Team - Algorrobal (EA3 Reconstruction)
04. 16 Bit Lolitas - Beat Organ
05. Trent McDermott - For What It's Worth
06. Basil O'Glue - Seven Sages (EA3 Reconstruction)
07. Solarstone & Orkidea - Slowmotion III
08. Ambassador - The Fade (Guy J Remix)
09. Blister 13.0 - Sin Ojos (Oliver Prime Remix In Blue)
10. Nick Stoynoff - You're OK (EA3 Reconstruction)
11. Konektiv – Monoposto
12. Rischaad – Razorbeam
13. Solarstone - Nothing But Chemistry Here
14. Philthy Chit - Colours (EA3 Reconstruction)
15. Gai Barone - Metal Jaws (EA3 Edit)

Disc 2:

01. Forerunners - Lifecycle (Foundation EA3 Reconstruction)
02. Tom Bro – Memories
03. Salt Tank - Phoenix (Allende Remix)
04. Liam Wilson - Kiss (EA3 Edit)
05. Alexey Muravyev - Evening Surf (EA3 Edit)
06. Orkidea – Purity
07. Nils Frahm - Dedication, Loyalty (EA3 Edit)
08. Danny Stubbs - Red Orbit (EA3 Reconstruction)
09. Winkee – Awakening
10. Outer Pulse - Ethereal Glyph (Solarstone Retouch)
11. Solarstone - 4Ever (Solarstone Retouch)
12. Ultimate - Imagination (EA3 Reconstruction)
13. The Thrillseekers - This Is All We Have
14. Eco - One Day (EA3 Reconstruction)

Disc 3:

01. Alexey Muravyev - Evening Surf (Slow)
02. Basil O'Glue - Seven Sages (Slow)
03. Tonal Axis – Rainfall
04. Liam Wilson - Kiss (Slow)
05. Solarstone & Hannah Magenta - Swansong (EA3 Reconstruction)
06. Rischaad - Razorbeam (Slow)
07. Danny Stubbs - Red Orbit (Slow)
08. Philthy Chit - Colours (Slow)
09. Gai Barone - Metal Jaws (Slow)
10. Winkee - Awakening (Slow)
11. Alucard - Autumn Breeze
12. Nils Frahm - Dedication, Loyalty

Solarstone pres. Pure Trance touring Australia this Summer!



Solarstone & JES - Like A Waterfall (Pure Mix)

When originally released in 2006, the seminal 'Like A Waterfall' from Solarstone & JES turned heads & hearts, and became a dearly beloved 'classic' to many. Now, with his 'Pure Trance' flag flying at full mast, Solarstone has revisited & refined the track, resulting in two beautiful club mixes for the discerning trance lover. His 'Pure Mix' brings the song bang up-to-date with it's driving persistent groove, evocative melodies and precision-delivery of that rapturous chorus. For instrumental lovers Solarstone focuses on the melodic piano elements in his 'Cascading Pure Dub'. As if that were not enough, after months of tastemaker-teasing and having acquired almost mythical status, the wonderful Eco Remix finally gets a full release. This is music for life.

A Pure treatment for Giuseppe's ' I Am Your Shadow '

For ‘Magenta’s next single transmission, musical maestro Giuseppe Ottaviani has teamed up with Dmitry Dmitriev, better known as Russian trance progressive producer Audiocells. Completing the release’s super troupe is vocalist Shannon Hurley and together they’ve conspired to create something a little bit low-slung and deliciously mood filled!! This is ‘I Am Your Shadow’.

Singer Shannon Hurley (who’s previously toplined tracks for Alex M.O.R.P.H., Tenishia, Andy Duguid, Protoculture and others) brings no small amount of vocal haunt and mystique to her lyrical lines and vocal intonations. Giuseppe underpins them with one of his typically thrusting, sinuous productions, while Audio Cells supply their darkly more atmospheric trance-progressive top layer to further shade ‘Magenta’s palette. Over in remix-ville, Solarstone’s Pure Mix light a brighter path for ‘Shadow’, while electro-edged buzz and EDM frission provide the respective primers for Heatbeat’s equally stunning rework. Listen to Solarstone's Pure Mix here:

Giuseppe Ottaviani & Audiocells ft Shannon Hurley - I Am Your Shadow (Solarstone Pure Mix) is out now on Black Hole Recordings.

iTunes Beatport Amazon Spotify

Iko - Heart of Stone (Solarstone Pure Mixes)

You might already know the artist. You may very well have heard the track. And if you’re a devotee of vampires, werewolves, et al, the odds go through the roof that the bewitching ‘Heart of Stone’ has already found its way to you ears. Joining the respected likes of Green Day, Ellie Goulding & Skrillex, Iko’s track first appeared on the soundtrack for the final chapter of The Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn. Through its inclusion the two-piece melodic rock group’s breakthrough has won them new fans in places far and wide - among them is a certain English pure trance practitioner!

Out through Black Hole Recordings, March 17th 2014)

Buy on iTunes Here

Turning the bewitching into the entrancing, through his Pure rework, Solarstone spins ‘Heart of Stone’ to face the club floor.  Bringing it into the electronic music realm, he energizes it with a hallmark Pure Trance production. Running 4/4 drums, throbbing rocky bass guitar lines, echoing atmospheric effects and haunting keyboard lines all charge its frontend. In the drop he conveys the complex power of Iko singer Kieran Scragg’s wrought lyrics & ethereal vocals and Neil Reed’s pensive castaway pianoforte into the mix. Contrasting their collective emotion with the ascension of his mix’s lead line, he turns its angst-like feel into something altogether more euphoric and uplifting. Solarstone’s Pure Mix of Iko’s ‘Heart Of Stone’ is released on Pure Trance Recordings, Monday 17th of March.


Tracklist: 01. IKO ‘Heart Of Stone’ (Solarstone Pure Mix)
02. IKO ‘Heart Of Stone’ (Solarstone ‘Can’t Forget You’ Pure Dub)
03. IKO ‘Heart Of Stone’ (Solarstone Pure Radio Edit)


Solarstone - Pure Deluxe EP

Especially for those DJ's in need of Solarstone, the Pure Deluxe Edition EP features 4 tracks taken from the new iTunes LP Deluxe edition of his latest artist album Pure, providing almost 4 hours of Solarstone listening/viewing experiences.

(Available on Beatport on Black Hole Recordings, 17th February 2014)

The Pure Deluxe Edition EP kicks off with Suncatcher's melodic, thermic take on 'Fireisland' (with Aly & Fila), followed by the Extended Mix of the celestially gazing 'Voyager', which masses its booming drums to pulsate the speakers for a heart-in-mouth outer space ride. Peter Hulsmans' epic 9+ minute journeyman mix is a previously unreleased gem. With the Billy McGruddy-vocalled 'Shake The Demons', Richard re-establishes one of the most talked-about connections from his 'Touchstone' album. Following the club hits 'Electric Love' and 'Is There Anyone Out There', the pair's latest co-production extends a different tone. With both Healium and Namatjira having turned in first-class remixes of 'Shake The Demons', the Pure Deluxe Edition EP has plenty of Solarstone to enjoy. 'Pure (Deluxe Edition EP)' is out on Beatport February 17, all other portals March 3.


01: Solarstone with Aly & Fila - Fireisland (Suncatcher Remix)
02: Solarstone - Voyager (Extended Mix)
03: Solarstone - Voyager (Peter Hulsmans Remix)
04: Solarstone with Bill McGruddy - Shake The Demons (Healium Remix)
05: Solarstone with Bill McGruddy - Shake The Demons (Namatjira Remix)

Pure - The Deluxe Edition

With ‘Pure’, his third studio album, Solarstone entered a major new phase in his DJ’ing, producing, singing and songwriting career. The collection heralded his frontline return and was the first gleaming of what has gone on to become the Pure Trance movement. Featuring musical co-productions with artists like Aly & Fila and Giuseppe Ottaviani and vocal team-ups with singers including Betsie Larkin, Clare Stagg and Hannah Magenta, two months on from its initial release it became his bestselling album to date.


Now, after the singles, their remixes, the ‘Pure’ tour gigs and the other significant events the release set in motion, Black Hole Recordings has consolidated all its parts into the definitive multimedia edition of the album. Featuring full length extended mixes of each of its 13 tracks, ‘Pure - The Deluxe Edition’ also now includes a panoramically remixed alternative vision of the album. With remakes from artists including John O’Callaghan, Bryan Kearney, Suncatcher, Peter Hulsman and others, it brings many a new vista. Also included are the incredible YouTube view-baiting videos of single smashes ‘Falcons’, ‘Voyager’ and ‘Lovers’, as well as empty orchestra versions for Solarstone lyric-lovers. Part by part, track-by-track and video-by-video, ‘Pure - The Deluxe Edition’ builds into the criterion, no-stone-left-unturned album edition. No Solarstone fan’s collection will be complete without it. 
 'Pure - The Deluxe Edition' is now available exclusivily through iTunes:

Solaris International pres. Si/2013Q4 now available

Solaris International pres. Si/2013Q4 now available The new Si/2013Q4 bundle features a selection of 20 beautiful and melodic tracks hand-picked by Solarstone from the playlist of Si during the 4th quarter of 2013.

A collection of music to open your mind to, close your eyes to, and ultimately live your life to. Out now all major download portals.

iTunes Beatport Amazon Spotify

Solarstone launches Pure Trance Recordings

Having championed the true sound and nature of trance music from his very first release, the last 24 months have seen Solarstone drive those ethics back to the top of the genre’s agenda. Through his music, mix-comps, radio show and breath-stealing DJ performances, he has preached the Pure gospel and modernized its origin sound. Now he is now thrilled to begin 2014 by announcing the launch, in partnership with esteemed Dutch music house Black Hole, of Pure Trance Recordings. The next natural progression in the movement, Pure Trance Recordings’ manifesto couldn’t be more definitive. The label will bring to club floors and festival speakers the very finest, highest quality, purely refined, intoxicating, hypnotizing trance from the scene’s most gifted music makers. &

Pure Trance Logo


On announcing the birth of Pure Trance Recordings, Solarstone said: “The label is a natural next step in giving this music a visible platform”. The last few months have been exceptional ones in the career of DJ, producer, composer and vocalist Solarstone. Fresh from rocking a sold out Pure Trance showcase at ADE 2013, he re-entered DJ Mag Top 100 DJs chart, and even more recently came #2 (behind Armin van Buuren) in the annual TrancePodium awards’, Producer of the Year cat. Now, building on that success, January 20th sees the christening of the Pure Trance Recordings label.

The imprint’s debut comes from the studio of hotly tipped production duo Miikka Leinonen and Juraj Klička, better know these days as Driftmoon. Having drawn hard props from some of the best-known DJs in trance for their releases on Enhanced Recordings, Armada Music and others, they mark PT001 with the enthralling trance immersion of ‘Howl At The Moon’. The release is completed by Solarstone’s Retouch remix, which (per DJ Mag) “adds his running/pummelling b-line hallmark and further beefs up the payoff”. The magazine goes on to call it “an impressive opener” for the label. Hot on Driftmoon’s heels will come new music from other longstanding Solarstone/Pure Trance centurions, including Finland’s Winkee and Hungary’s Elfsong.

You can get your first taste of Pure Trance Recordings fare by clicking this link.

Solarstone ft. Lemon - Lovers (Music Video)

Across its Original versions, 'Lovers' is a knowing glance back by Solarstone at his formative musical years. Its production and vocals draw affectionate inspiration from a wide artistic palette, with Erasure, Depeche Mode, Roxy Music and Joy Division being just some of its many touchstone influences. Featuring introspective and deeply personal lyrics & vocals from Lemon's frontman Roger D. Smith, 'Lovers' lays and layers them against crisp percussion, atmospheric analogue synths and brilliantly stagey drum rolls. Masterfully bridging the decades Solarstone's new Pure Mix version kicks off 'Lovers' remix collection. Rushing up to meet 2014 club floors, throughout their intros they utilize high-impact kick-drums, echoing harmonics and the Pure Mixes' leitmotif running basslines. Building potent levels of tension, the vocal affects a controlled burn on the drop before Solarstone hooks the swirling atmosphere and up-surging synths back in.

Music video directed and produced by Chris Butcher, for more info on Chris visit

Further in trance virtuoso Giuseppe Ottaviani matches the tone of the vocal, fusing a wonderfully mood-filled intro to the opening minutes of his mix. As the remix forms up for the break he introduces shards of melody before finally allowing his sun-kissed synths to dawn over the mix. Tying up the package, longstanding Solarstone compadre Alucard sinks his teeth into a deeper mix of ‘Lovers’. The Canadian producer brews an early storm through thundery sub-tropical FX and echoed vocal snatches. Through drifting, caught-on-the-wind melodies, intense acoustic & bass guitar lines and slo-mo break-beats, he fashions a deep, sophisticated progressive trancer that sends shivers down the spine.

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The official app of the Pure Trance maestro, Solarstone. Stay updated with news, events, videos & his latest releases. Get tickets & browse for merchandise. Catch the weekly Solaris International show and connect via his social media. This is Pure Solarstone & is FREE for iPhone & Android.

Pure Trance 2: Mixed by Solarstone + Giuseppe Ottaviani

Over the last 24 months the #PureTrance movement has swept through the world of electronic music, driven by its flag-bearer, Solarstone. First outlined by its debut mix-comp (still in Beatport’s bestseller chart one year after its release), Solarstone’s now ready to bring its essence into even clearer focus. Across 2 discs and 34, often exclusive or purpose-built tracks, Pure Mixes and Retouches, Solarstone and fellow Pure practitioner Giuseppe Ottaviani serve a future-proofed release that’ll be as relevant in your collection in 10 years time as it is today. With music from trance bedrock like Aly & Fila, John O’Callaghan, Darren Tate, Alex M.O.R.P.H., M.I.K.E. and Sied van Riel, it also features new rising talent including Suncatcher, Adam Nickey, Sneijder, Walsh & McAuley and Driftmoon. Standby to receive your trance refined, clarified and 100% Pure!

“Tough to pull off, after the highly impressive ‘Pure Trance Vol.1’, but against the odds, this new outing is a huge step up again - 10/10, Album of the Month” – MIXMAG   Solarstone sets the mix’s early atmosphere with some rolling gear from the harmonic end of Pure’s spectrum. The faraway tones of Adam Nickey’s ‘Perfect Destiny’, the trance-transcendent float of Aerium’s ‘Horizon’ and flute-like drift of Elfsong’s ‘Seldarine’’ form its opening minutes. Building the bridge skyward, Solarstone’s towering Pure rebuild of M.O.R.P.H.s ‘Eternal Flame’ and his retouch of M.I.K.E.’s ‘Respire’ open up the euphoric throttle.  

Reaching its halfway point, Solarstone bomb-drops the deliciously ominous tones of his most recent Pure Mix of ‘Love Theme From Blade Runner’. Given sanction by the house of Vangelis’, alongside the Pure Mix of Zoo Brazil’s ‘Hearts A Legend’, it lends darker tones to the mix. On the release of the second album, Richard says: “Almost exactly a year ago we released Solarstone presents Pure Trance - Volume 1, an album which marked the beginning of a journey of rebirth and rediscovery. Since its release we have taken the Pure Trance message global with a host of Pure Trance Events that have not only invigorated but restored a sense of belonging to a growing & passionate audience worldwide, and finally the scene is sitting up & taking notice: Pure Trance music is alive & kicking, and right now on fire! I am proud to present this second compilation of brilliant music for all lovers of the sound of Pure Trance “

Arriving at its summit, Richard enters mash-up-mode, brilliantly splicing Ferry Corsten & Betsie Larkin’s ‘Made of Love’ and John O’Callaghan’s ‘I’ll Follow’ and further uniting Ben Lost’s timeless ‘Jump The Next Train’ over Franz’s ‘Emerge’. Italy’s Giuseppe Ottaviani comes off his spot, boxing clever with an overtura of toughened trance logistics. He interplays the tracks of nu-bloods like John Mash, Colonial One and Andrea Mazza with those of Darren Tate, Sied van Riel and other trance establishment. 

Giuseppe says: “over the last year I’ve played at Solarstone’s Pure Trance events in many different corners of the world. To have the chance to capture, in some way, their unique atmosphere as part of a mix compilation has been wonderful! I hope you have as much fun listening and dancing to my mix, as I had compiling mixing it!” Marking Agnelli & Nelson’s remix-return, Ottaviani (or “the Grand Master of Energy”, as MIXMAG recently christened him!) charges the mix’s midpoint with a new version of Andain’s ‘You Once Told Me’. Whipping Sneijder’s rebuild of his Aly & Fila collab ‘Brilliant People’, James Dymond’s ‘Carbon’, Will Atkinson’s ‘Hemosa’ and others together, Giuseppe brings about the release’s final perfect sound-storm. The album is out Oct 28th.  

Tracklist: Disc 1. Mixed by Solarstone
01. Adam Nickey - Perfect Destiny (Winkee Remix Reconstruction)
02. Aerium - Horizons (Solarstone Retouch)
03. Solarstone featuring Lemon - Lovers (Pure Mix Reconstruction)
04. Elfsong - Seldarine
05. Alex M.O.R.P.H - Eternal Flame (Solarstone Pure Mix)
06. Walsh & McAuley - Ashgrove Throne
07. M.I.K.E - Respire (Solarstone Retouch)
08. Zoo Brazil featuring Philip - Heart's A Legend (Solarstone Pure Dub Retouch)
09. Solarstone - Love Theme from Blade Runner (Pure Mix)
10. Future Disciple - Kwiwakurra
11. Driftmoon - Howl At The Moon (Solarstone Retouch)
12. John O'Callaghan featuring Ria - I’ll Follow (Solarstone Pure Dub Reconstruction)
13. Ferry Corsten featuring Betsie Larkin - Made Of Love (Acapella)
14. Suncatcher - Are We There Yet? (Original Mix)
15. Franz - Emerge (Dreamy Remix)
16. Ben Lost - Jump The Next Train (Acapella)

Disc 2. Mixed by Giuseppe Ottaviani
01. Alex Matteo - Prophecy
02. Darren Tate - All I Am
03. Sied van Riel - 8 Decades
04. Colonial One - Atlas (Original Mix)
05. Andrea Mazza featuring Hysteria! - This Perfect Night
06. John Mash - Metamorphosi
07. Alexandre Bergheau & Alex Wackii - French Kiss
08. Marynus Revert - Scent Of My Dreams (Original Mix)
09. Andain - You Once Told Me (Agnelli & Nelson Remix)
10. Stuart Millar - Always A Moment
11. John O'Callaghan featuring Audrey Gallagher - Big Sky
12. John O'Callaghan featuring Erica Curran - I Believe (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
13. Giuseppe Ottaviani with Aly & Fila - Brilliant People (Sneijder Remix)
14. Giuseppe Ottaviani featuring Vitamin B - Waiting On Someday (OnAir Mix)
15. James Dymond - Carbon
16. Joey Chilson - Lost & Found
17. AERO 21 - Performance (Original Mix)
18. Will Atkinson - Hermosa

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Solarstone - Love Theme From Blade Runner (Pure Mix)

Drawing from one of Vangelis’ most renowned soundtracks, Solarstone has rebooted the theme from the audio auteur’s hallowed ‘Blade Runner’ soundtrack. He has brought trance purity to the beautifully sinister tones of its title theme. Utilizing it as a last tune of the night ID-weapon for many a month, the track (now christened ‘Love Theme from Blade Runner’) has been given the official seal of approval. The Pure Trance master is now set to release his love letter to ‘Blade Runner’.


(Available on Beatport on Black Hole Recordings, 23th September 2013)

"With warm analogue bass and plenty of dark twists and turns Solarstone effortlessly transforms the piece into a modern day ‘Pure’ Trance banger which will breathe new life into Vangelis’ finest hour and educate those who were too young enough to enjoy the sounds of this legendary composer first time round. Sublime." - Tillate Magazine (Sept 2013)

“The doomy night-black drama of Vangelis’ echoing piano chimes have rarely sounded better” – DJ Mag (Sept 2013)

Losing none of its ominous awe-inspiring atmosfear, through Solarstone’s ‘Love Theme From Blade Runner’ Vangelis’ now exerts a hypnotic thrall over the club floor. Using the classic strains of ‘End Titles’, Richard fires the Original’s balanced nexus of dystopian melancholia and towering elevation through the Pure prism. Developing a pounding sonic underlay, built from pistoning drums, dramatic orchestral cymbal crashes and undulating bass swells, he sets the stage for its big dramatic soundscapes. Retrofitting Vangelis’ analogue synthesizers & FX with purified trance mechanics and unrelenting tension, he filters its darkly timeless melodic chimes into the mix’s system. Brilliantly drawn out over nine fissionable, charged minutes he points Vangelis’ 30-year-old classic at the very heart of the club floor.

File under? Pure Trance.



Solarstone pres. Pure Trance @ Fuel sets on Soundcloud

The day was June 15th & the venue was Fuel Beachclub, Bloemendaal, where Solarstone's latest Pure Trance event took place. With the sun in the sky & a heady anticipation, Solarstone - together with Alex M.O.R.P.H, Giuseppe Ottaviani, M.I.K.E and Michael Cassette - delivered a blissful 9 hours of Pure Trance music to a sweaty club packed to the rafters with passionate music lovers. Now you can watch the official aftermovie on Youtube and listen to the entire event or individual sets from our Djs over on the Solarstone Soundcloud Channel


Pure Trance Aftermovie

Solarstone Pure Mixes for JOC & Alex M.O.R.P.H.

247Showing no signs of letting up the momentum, Solarstone unveils his two latest 'Pure' remixes this month. First up is John o'Callaghan's 'I'll Follow' (Ft. Ria) to which Rich applies a liberal sprinkling of his crystalline 'Pure' production magic. Snapping it its heels towards the end of the month is the 'Pure' re-evaluation of Alex M.O.R.P.H's fabulous 'Eternal Flame' which is included on his new album 'PrimeMover: The Remixes' . Rich takes the track into new territory with towering riffs and enough 'Pure' spirit to uplift your local priest.




Betsie Larkin & Solarstone - Breathe You In (incl. Pure Mix)

2013 already turned out to be one of Betsie's busiest years so far. What started in 2008 with the instant hit 'Made of Love' with Ferry Corsten, has flourished into a dream-like calling that led to assignments with an impressive list of producers like ATB, Andy Moor, Gabriel & Dresden and many others. The release of Betsie's debut album 'All We Have Is Now' turned out to be the next milestone in here career. Featuring outstanding collaborations with industry heavyweights like Rafael Frost, John O'Callaghan, Bjorn Akesson and Giuseppe Ottaviani, Betsie so far released the singles Obvious with Lange, The Offering with Sied van Riel and the albums title track, which she recorded with Super8 & Tab. Despite her packed touring schedule, Betsie still managed to record the singles No Substitute For You with Russian deck-master Bobina, Not Coming Down with Ferry Corsten and Play It Back with Gabriel & Dresden. On her brand new single "Breathe You In" Betsie teams up with Solarstone.

A reaction to the fragmentation of the sound, Rich Mowatt aka Solarstone’s 2012 artist album ‘Pure’ was a roots-return, which redistilled trance and restored its cornerstone sounds to his productions and the album has become a rallying cry for the scene’s core fans. The album has generated successful singles such as The Spell, Fireisland (with Aly & Fila), Falcons (with Giuseppe Ottaviani), Jewel (with Clare Stagg) and most recently Please;. On the remix front Solarstone has been making a name in the last 12 months with his trademark Pure mixes for Deleriums' Days Turn Into Nights, Lemon's We Can't Fly and and his own tracks Seven Cities, Jewel and Please. in the first half of 2013 and now Breathe You In as latest track to be given the Solarstone Pure treatment.

Reworked into a genuine Solarstone trance endeavor, “Breathe You In” received the master’s signature with a new arrangement that offers a new look on the album version. Kicking the original up a notch is Sneijder, who completes Betsie’s vocals with his unique sound.

Betsie Larkin & Solarstone - Breathe You In
1. Solarstone Pure Mix
2. Sneijder Remix
3. Solarstone Pure Radio Edit


Solarstone pres. Solaris International: Si/2013Q2

Solarstone's long-running weekly radio show Solaris International, which broadcasts worldwide via an extensive FM and Digital network, is launching a new quarterly bundle starting this month, July 2013. The first bundle features a selection of 20 beautiful and melodic tracks hand-picked by Solarstone from the playlist of Si during the 2nd quarter of 2013. A collection of music to open your mind to, close your eyes to, and ultimately live your life to.

From its spoken “pure unbounded joy” start-point, ‘Please’s vocal aspect also becomes the track’s stated mission. On his new Pure version, Solarstone initially opens the mix’s throttle wide, balancing the high-wire tension of its engaging sub-riffs with TNT drums and voracious bass. Momentarily tempering the tone, the drop opens the door to chiming iridescence, Med-inflected guitars and the tranquil pacific lucidity of its vocal message. Mining a comparably rich pure trance seam come the steroid beats, sky-kissing riffs and all-round unchecked energy of Bryan Kearney’s remix firestarter. Post-break, the Irishman snares a furious acidic sequence into the mix, using pitching 303 loops, underpinned by primal 909-channeling kicks, to generate a floor thunderbolt. Making sure no floor/time of the night goes untouched, Rich expands ‘Please’s original album vision into an 8-minute Extended Mix colossus. With its scene-stealing beat-free overture providing classic set-starting ignition, he masterfully rushes the atmosphere, providing the perfect Pure Mix alternative spin.  

Beware of pale imitations… accept no substitute - ‘Please’ is manna for trance purists worldwide…

01: Solarstone – Please (Pure Mix)
02: Solarstone – Please (Bryan Kearney Remix)
03: Solarstone – Please (Extended Mix)
04: Solarstone – Please (Radio Edit)

Release date: April 29th via Black Hole Recordings

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Solarstone & Clare Stagg - Jewel

With the #PureTrance stance powering the engine of his frontline return last year, Solarstone’s 2013 begins in equally floor-minded fashion with the single release of ‘Jewel’. Lifted from the tracklist of his acclaimed 2012 ‘Pure’ album, it once again teams producer Richard Mowatt with the singular vocal talents of Clare Stagg.

With the listeners of Armin van Buuren’s ASOT radio show voting their first outing together (‘The Spell’) as one of the 15 most popular trancers of 2012, the scene has been well and truly set for its follow-up. From the indolent origins of the hyper-chilled album version, through to the new Deeper Sunrise Mix, on up to the Pure and Daniel Kandi recreations, ‘Jewel’ builds incrementally into another cross-the-board floor-flamer.

Kicking off with his flagship Pure Mix, Solarstone elevates the tempo and tone and aims straight for big room boom. Fast running bass and fluid modulating sub-melodies all raise the mix’s mercury. Massing its pads, chords and synths, it seizes the floor with maximum traction, allowing Clare Stagg’s ethereal voice and stargazing lyrics to steal the breath at the peak of the break.

Serving more deeply disposed floors, Richard casts the track in a percussive, progressive, set-overture role with Solarstone’s Deeper Sunrise Mix. Instilling it with a transcendent, dreamlike-quality, the throb of the bass guitar and echoing shift & drift of piano notes both underpin and amplify the scope and power of the vocals.

Doing just what is says on the tin, Daniel Kandi’s Emotive Remix ties up ‘Jewel’s release. The Dane aims right for the heart of the track’s expressive, poignant core. Through the bloom of its pianoforte, its drumatic beats and the uprush of its sky-raking synths & orchestrated strings, it’ll be wowing floors throughout spring.

In every sense a ‘Jewel’ in the ‘Pure’ album’s crown, the single’s out on the 11th of January.

Buy on Beatport & iTunes


01: Solarstone & Clare Stagg – Jewel (Pure Mix)
02: Solarstone & Clare Stagg – Jewel (Pure Instrumental Mix)
03: Solarstone & Clare Stagg – Jewel (Pure Mix Edit)
04: Solarstone & Clare Stagg – Jewel (Deeper Sunrise Remix)
05: Solarstone & Clare Stagg – Jewel (Deeper Sunrise Instrumental Mix)
06: Solarstone & Clare Stagg – Jewel (Deeper Sunrise Edit)
07: Solarstone & Clare Stagg – Jewel (Daniel Kandi’s Emotive Remix)
08. Solarstone & Clare Stagg – Jewel (Daniel Kandi’s Emotive Instrumental Mix

8hr Pure Trance LIVE @ ADE Special on Afterhours.FM

In the packed-to-the-rafters floating venue Undercurrent - where anticipation was sky-high - those lucky enough to have a begged, borrowed or bought a ticket were among the first to experience “Solarstone presents Pure Trance”. That night, alongside fellow forerunners Orkidea, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Daniel Kandi and John 00 Fleming, Solarstone encapsulated his vision in a competition defying, wall to wall live event that revised Trance to its purest degree.

The crowd hoped it would be so - and subsequently the sheer relief and joy of the assembled masses upon confirmation that "Pure Trance" is indeed the genuine article - the embodiment of the original Trance spirit - created an intensity which was clear & palpable and the first to hear “ Pure Trance ” frontman Solarstone debut exclusive material from the first instalment of his new ‘Solarstone presents Pure Trance’ compilation series, which hits stores worldwide on 19.11.12 (2 CD / DD).

For those who couldn't be there, Solarstone has now joined forces with Afterhours.FM to give all of his fans the opportunity to relive every second of that night in Amsterdam. On Thursday, November 29th, Afterhours.FM will present an exclusive 8 hour broadcast between 16.00 – 00.00 hr CET  featuring all live sets from the ‘ Solarstone presents Pure Trance’  launch party at ADE this year. Don't miss this opportunity to check out a full eight hours of propellant beats, tremor-inducing LFOs, iridescent melodies, sky-bound synths and heartfelt vocals delivered by Orkidea, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Daniel Kandi and John 00 Fleming, all of it overseen by Solarstone.

To put it in Solarstone's own words: "This is what got you into Trance in the first place

Pure Trance

Pure Trance Launch Event @ ADE Movie

Here is the post-event movie for our Pure Trance launch event at Undercurrent, ADE on the 18th of October. Featured Djs: Orkidea, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Solarstone, Daniel Kandi & John '00' Fleming. Thank you all for making this an unforgettable event! You can check out the Pure Trance website or pre-order a signed Pure Trance Vol. 1 2 x CD here!

Solarstone & Giuseppe Ottaviani - Falcons.

Chasing hard on the heels of 'Fireisland's runaway floor success, Solarstone is straight back onto the single frontlines this month. True to form, his next opus again comes hard-locked to his #PureTrance mandate. This time out he's been sharing studio space with another established master of the sound, Italy's Giuseppe Ottaviani. The result is the EDM ebullience of 'Falcons'.

Since his third studio album began penetrating the EDM consciousness in the spring, 'Pure's tracklist has brought a scene-stabilizing rush of audio, that's been embraced by the trance Cognoscenti. 'Fireisland', 'Pure' and 'The Spell' have all spelt floor uproar, but the gear is about to shift up once again!

With its bold, thundering drums, accelerating bass and fluent sub-melodies, 'Falcons' sets out its stall. Using exhilarated note & chord progressions and pulse-quickening transitions, minute-on-minute Richard and Giuseppe stoke its Big Room atmosphere. Then, just when you think it can't get any bigger, they deploy 'Falcons' angelic female harmonic and deal-sealing up-rushing mainline.

Working its remix angles, there's another fully badged trance purist standing by to retool. John O'Callaghan zeroes in with bulldozing beats and sky-raking synths, bringing it, at the top of the drop, to a euphoric climactic conclusion. Giuseppe Ottaviani's OnAirMix and the Radio Edit complete the package and the fourth single from 'Pure' is ready to ride summer out in suitably bombastic style.

Solarstone 'Pure' - The New Album.

His third studio album, 'Pure' heralds the frontline return for DJ, prodcer, singer and songwriter, Solarstone (aka Richard Mowatt). A 13-track collection of new music, it features musical co-productions with artists like Aly & Fila and Giuseppe Ottaviani and vocal team-ups with singers including Betsie Larkin, Clare Stagg, Billy McGruddy and Hannah Magenta

"I recorded this album as a reaction to all the riven division that's crept into trance over the last 3 years. It's a kickback against nonsense genre terminologies and a fight-back against the self-appointed style councils that try to tell us what music's cool and what the latest must-like is. Against tracks that have such a mish-mash of sound styles that even their producers don't know what they are making. This album is both a purification and celebration of the term TRANCE. I'm reclaiming it, for all those who just want to dance to music that takes them to another place, for whom this music is a feeling, a passion, a way of life. So I say: VIVE LA TRANCE! You need to be proud of what makes you feel good… To all of you who know your own minds, this album contains PURE trance - embrace it!" - Richard Mowatt, Solarstone (April 2012)

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