Rain Stars Eternal

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Part Of Me (Solar Energy Mix)
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RSE (Bot Cipryan Remix)
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Slave (Probspot Remix)
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Spectrum (Stan Void Remix)
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LSF (Ferry Corsten Remix)
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Breakaway (Jaksaw Remix)
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Filoselle Skies (Jox Dub Mix)
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The Last Defeat (Bissen Remix)
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Dark Heart (Beetseekers Mix)
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Lunar Rings (Mar & Cosmo Mix)
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4ever (Update Project Remix)
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RSE (Tasadi Remix)
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Slave (Boyer & Sky Remix)
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LSF (Forerunners Remix)
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Breakaway (Nick Rowland Mix)
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Breakaway (Jul Bricks Remix)
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Dark Heart (Monolythe Remix)





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The Music:
It was one of the biggest EDM albums of 2008, gave life to 6 killer singles (including ‘Spectrum' Pts. 1 & 2’, ‘Late Summer Fields’, ‘Part of Me’ & ‘4ever’) and most decisively ushered in the 2nd coming of Solarstone. Now, a year after the release of ‘RainStarsEternal’, and following a meticulous remix A&Ring period, Solarstone is delighted to present… RSEMIX.

The original version of the album took the listener to some places previously unexplored by Solarstone. There’s never been a ‘rule book’ as such with his music. If such a thing existed though, on RSEMIX, you could consider it to have been roundly torn up and tossed out the window! All the tracks you fell in love with in 2008 are back, remixed, waxed polished and given a whole new look & listen by a carefully chosen clutch of producers, from underground breaks hero Jaksaw to household names like Ferry Corsten. The closer Solar-watchers among you will no doubt spot that there is also a good degree of ‘Electronic Architecture’s alumni contributing to RSEMIX’s tracklist, like Bot Cipryan & Stan Void. Indeed, 'RainStarsEternal’s remix passage has been a prodigious one. If you are browsing the CD tracklist and heard forum-talk of a remix that’s not mentioned, don’t worry! RSEMIX is completed by a download-only version that will take in additional reworks by Boyer & Sky, Forerunners, Heatbeat, Tasadi, Nick Rowland, Jule Bricks and Monolythe.

The Remixer Testimonials:


Late Summer Fields
Remixed by Ferry Corsten
"Late Summer Fields has been one of my all time favorites ever since Rich sent it to me for my Passport USA Compilation. Then he sent me the Forerunners remix… Amazing! And then, finally, I was able to have a go with this beautiful track myself! And what a pleasure it was! The original track really touched me deep inside. And that itself was my motivation to find its ultimate sweet spot!"
Ferry Corsten

The Last Defeat pt. 1
Remixed by George Bissen
"I was very flattered to get this chance to remix a trance legend. My intention was to capture the beauty and chills one gets when listening to the original and not detract from the chilling, ambient beauty, which makes Solarstone records stand the test of time. As I sent drafts back and forth with Rich, he commented that it was important for this mix to be a mainstay in DJ bags for years to come, rather than purely contemporary."

Slave (ft. Julie Scott)
Remixed by Randy Boyer & Kristina Sky
"When Rich asked us to remix a song from 'Rain Stars Eternal' for the remix album, we were very excited. After listening to the amazing album, "Slave" just stuck out to both of us. Personally, I thrive on beautiful songs with meaning and depth, and 'Slave' had all those elements. Working on this remix was an amazing experience. Kristina & I shared the same vision, and it came together fairly simply for us."
Randy Boyer & Kristina Sky

Rain Stars Eternal
Remixed by Tasadi
"It's never easy remixing an already great original from an excellent producer, not to mention the album's title track. But when you have such great parts to work with it, that task becomes an enjoyable one. I wanted to keep the overall vibe of the original melodies and chords, but take a different route with the overall style of the song., slowing the track down to a more electro progressive groove; my own personal chunky interpretation." Tasadi

Part Of Me (ft. Elizabeth Fields)
Remixed by Solar Energy
"During the creation of this remix I wanted to retain the original atmosphere whilst enhancing Elizabeth Fields' beautiful voice by adding soft sounds and keeping the production subtle, more like a chillout production, taking the listener on a journey through the melodic elements, vocals and guitar lines." Solar Energy Logo

Dark Heart
Remixed by Beetseekers
"I wanted to add more energy to the moody, housey original track and also remain faithful to Rich's melancholic beautiful vocal. I enhanced the vocal with emotional chord progressions to give them more presence, and kept some key original parts including the spanish guitar solo. 'Dark Heart' is one of my own personal favourite Beetseekers remixes to date."

Remixed by Jaksaw
"My take on this remix was to give it a funk injection, whilst keepin true to my glitchy, fidgety side. Because the original included a melodic vocal it made sense to retain a few more melodic elements. These are often restricted to the breaks but can also be noted in the main riff, while the bassline gives the underlying groove. A host of twisted sounds mingle with the chopped vocal to give the desired effect: a funky, fresh bit of fidget."

Filoselle Skies
Remixed by Jox
"I haven't done much of bootlegging over the years, but "Filoselle Skies" was very appealing to me as I really love the mood and Julie Scott's vocal. I decided to go for a dubby take on the track due to the difference in tempo which made warping the vocal tricky. I beefed the track up with a proggy groove, phat bassline, 80's arpeggiator and emotional sawline. I sent the bootleg to Rich who asked me to re-do the mix with the original parts."

Remixed by Stan Void
"The original had some moody melody lines in it. The lead is the killer, but the light background notes really caught my ear. I brought those to the forefront during the buildup over a deep progressive beat Of course once I sampled the lead into the remix, that progressive vibe transformed into a much more uplifting, upbeat type of vibe. That's what I like about this remix, it has a bit of both worlds - a progressive start and an uplifting payoff."
stan void

Remixed by Nick Rowland
"When I sat in the studio, pulled all the parts into Logic and started the mix I wanted to make the most of such a memorable vocal and the various hooks. I think I achieved what I set out to do; exploit the vocal and hooks to the max and give the track plenty of power and energy. This was a landmark remix for me personally, not only working with an artist such as Solarstone on a project but also in terms of my own personal production."
Nick Rowland

Rain Stars Eternal
Remixed by Bot Cipryan
"Remixing the beautiful & atmospheric title track from Rain Stars Eternal was a great challenge, and a good opportunity to put my personal stamp on music by an artist of Solarstone's stature. I set out to give the track a really pure analogue feel complete with 80's influences, something a little bit different from current Trance trends."
Bot Cipryan

The Label: Solaris Recordings
Built around the Solarstone name and home to a host of trance-hold names, Solaris Recordings is spiritual home to Rich's music. A sub-division of the legendary Hooj Choons and close cousin of the longest running trance label in existence, Lost Language, it is distributed by Astral.

The Details

  • Project title 'RSEMIX' by Solarstone
  • Produced by Solarstone (Rich Mowatt)
  • Released in the UK on October 26thth, 2009 (territory releases TBC)
  • Format 1 x CD (distributed by Astral)
  • DD available through all good digital stores.