(Definition: Swarm, 1: noun, a moving crowd; a multitude of persons, a peer group; a group of hybrids & likeminded people; a group moving continuously in the same direction.)

solarSwarm Recordings is the worlds first & only social network record label. The music is sourced by the solarSwarm, a growing network of like-minded dance music lovers worldwide.

Swarmers scout for fresh and exciting new electronic music and members audition it via the Interactive Music Player on the Swarm website page. All decisions are taken by voting in polls through the member-only Swarm forum. Remixes are commissioned and artwork imagery is decided on in the same way. *Behind-the-scenes staff handle the back-end admin, like distribution, promo and licensing, which leaves the Swarm to enjoy what we call 'the fun stuff'!

Anyone can join, provided you meet its all-important key criteria; a love of electronic dance music, some creative juice, but most importantly, the desire to be part of a team guiding a record label on its journey. There are no musical genre restrictions, quality is the only filter. Want to apply? It's dead simple: just complete the application below.

*You will need to be a registered member of the Solarstone Forum. If you are not already a member of the Solarstone Forum, register now then return and apply to join the solarSwarm.

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